It is Cheaper to Buy Things Online?

There are many things that are now being sold online as well as being sold in shops on the high street. There are pros and cons of shopping in both including the fact that buying online is more convenient and there is a bigger range but buying on the high street will support your local economy. However, if it is cost that you are more concerned about then will it be cheaper to buy online?

Postage and Packing

When we buy things online there will be a shipping cost. With some retailers they will offer free shipping if you spend over a certain amount of money. With some they will always charge shipping and for some it will always be free. However, those that have free shipping will incorporate it into their prices which could mean that they will be dearer overall. It can sometimes be easy to compare prices and then forget about the shipping so that you do not realise that you will have to pay out this extra money. Therefore, it can be a good idea to always check this to make sure that you are not paying more because you are paying for the postage and packing as well as the item itself.


There is a lot of competition online. Sellers are competing with sellers from all over the world and this means that they might reduce their prices to encourage people to buy from them. This can mean that prices are lower, but they are not always lower. You may find that on some websites certain items are low in price but other ones are dear, so you will need to be careful to make sure that you compare the prices on everything. Also, you may find that the online sellers might be smaller businesses. They will not be able to buy products in bulk amounts like large companies do which might mean that they will pay more for them and therefore sell them on for more money.


There is a chance that when you buy online you are buying fake items. This is not always going to be the case, but sadly there are some sellers that will have fakes which they sell at a much lower price. They might also advertise items for sale and when you buy them, they never send them out as they do not have them to sell. If you buy on a credit card this can protect you in some ways as you can get your money back if you buy an item that you do not get sent. However, with fakes it is not always easy to tell that they are fakes and therefore it might be the case that you never know.

Therefore, it is the case that it can be cheaper to buy online but not always. Make sure that you check what the postage costs are going to be so that you can allow that when you are calculating if it will be cheaper. You should also think about whether the item is likely to be a fake. If you buy from a trusted seller then this is unlikely, so check out the sellers if you have not used them before. Look at reviews of them or ask others if they have used them so that you can check. Lastly, never assume things will be cheaper online because there is a lot of competition. Sellers will still have costs that they have to cover and this could mean that they will have to charge more, especially if they are a smaller business compared to a large chain.

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